21 Standard Servers on a PCIe Card

Equivalent to a standard rackmount server, 32GB memory
per server, 672GB memory per card.

Designed for applications that run on clusters

For platforms such as Spark and Hadoop to your custom applications, get more out of these clustered workloads than ever before. Real-time streaming, classical machine learning and all other varieties of your scale-out clustered applications fit here.

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What Intensivate is doing is taking accelerator technology in a totally new direction. With their architecture we'll be able to provide a new Cloud offering.

Michael McGrath

Technologist, Microsoft Azure
The industry is moving to application specific acceleration. Intensivate has figured out a way to do 12x acceleration of a very important and rapidly growing class of apps where accelerators had not been previously targeted.

Jai Menon

Former CTO Server Business at both IBM and Dell
…the technology that Intensivate is developing could address a large class of applications that are currently not well served by existing accelerators, expanding the opportunities for server consolidation.

Peter Rutten

Research Director, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms,
and Technologies Group, IDC
The trend I'm seeing...is to move into stream processing and real-time analytics. This kind of software doesn't run on current accelerators. The Intensivate accelerator card is the only technology I've come across that addresses this growing problem.

Piet Loubser

SVP Paxata, Former VP Product Marketing, Hortonworks