• Sam Sirisena

  • Dr. Sean Halle

  • Jim Aralis

    Chief Science Officer
  • Serge Sirisena

    VP Business Development


  • Michael McGrath

    Director / Technologist at Azure
    owns HW selection for Azure storage servers.
    Former technologist at Intel
  • Dr. Jai Menon

    Chief Scientist at Fungible, IBM Fellow, Former CTO server business at Dell, IBM
  • Lin Nease

    HPE Fellow
    CTO for Edge and IoT at HPE
  • Sanjeev Katariya

    Former Chief Architect at eBay
    Microsoft Veteran
  • Tom Riordan

    CEO/Founder RISC-V based CPU chip startup Former CEO/Founder QED ($2.4B exit)Design lead first MIPS CPUs (R2000) 25 + years CPU architecture exp.
  • Ashish Thusoo

    GM at AWS - Machine Learning and Automation
    Former CEO of Qubole, lead data infrastructure team at Facebook,
    Created Apache Hadoop Hive
  • Will LaForest

    Public Sector CTO at Confluent
    Former Director of Public Sector Red Hat
    Former Technology Evangelist MongoDB